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First Love International in Kenya

Operation Hope

Operation Hope is the name of a ministry of love and compassion that First Love International Ministries launched in April 2004 in an attempt to rescue orphaned boys and girls from an otherwise hopeless situation in the Kibera slum.

First Love Kenya currently operates several ministries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living in desperate poverty in slums in the Nairobi area of Kenya.


First Love Kids AerialFirst Love operates two children’s homes in Kenya.  The First Love Kenya’s Children’s Home is located near Nairobi and the Riziki Children’s Home is located near Kalifi.  The homes provide a safe, loving, Christ -centered environment for the children to grow and learn.

The children have been orphaned through AIDS, disease, violence, or simply been abandoned by their parents.  First Love becomes the legal guardian for each of the children, and provides for all of their physical and educational needs.


Kids in Kenya DARAJA HOUSE

 First Love has constructed Daraja House in order to go full-circle with the orphan children God brings to us.  We feel that God would have us care for these kids just like any of you would care for your own children.   The Kenyan Children’s Department requires that once a child reaches the age of 18 he/she must move off the property of a children’s home or orphanage.  Since we do not want to just send our older kids back to the slums, we have opened a transition home for them, which we are calling Daraja (bridge in English) House. This building serves as a “bridge” from youth to adulthood for our older young people as they finish up high school, go to college, or get their first jobs.


Learn more about Baraka Women’s Center

The Baraka Women’s Center is a livelihood program for widows and single mother’s that teaches them to sew and make crafts in order to provide an income for their families.

The Baraka women make beautiful handbags, aprons, and other craft items that First Love sells in the states with all of the proceeds going to back to the women.  They have also made the curtains for the children’s home and school uniforms for the Raila Education Center.

The women that complete the educational part of the program are given a new sewing machine and assistance in setting up their own business.


First Love’s Food for Life ministry currently provides free food to small children’s homes, feeding programs, and schools in the slums throughout Kenya. The programs provide breakfast, lunch, and, in some cases, dinner for starving children.  Our goal is to feed 5,000 hungry kids a day.


First Love Kenya has formed the First Love Network to partner with other children’s homes and feeding programs in the Nairobi area.  First Love assists them with food, construction projects and child sponsorships.  The First Love Network has provided services to Abbas House, African Children’s Project, Morning Star children’s homes and the Little Lambs feeding program.

Our Stories

Rusya’s Story

    Rusya was found sifting through a garbage dump looking for potato peels to cook when she was five years old, and was taken to a local rescue shelter for orphans.  While staying in the government run center Rusya started coming to a weekly Bible club at...

Lena’s Story

    I was taken from my home when I was four. A neighbor had called social services because they heard my brother and me crying and hitting the front door.  Our parents had locked us in the house and left us for three days; we were scared and hungry. First I...

Maya’s Story

      It has been over 10 years since 14-year-old Maya and her little brother, Anand were brought to the children’s home in Parshadhap.   They came accompanied by a lady from a church from east Nepal who had contacted our staff about bringing them to...

Jerry’s Story

    J erry described his life as dark and empty, and that was before Typhoon Haiyan slammed into Tacloban washing away everything he owned.  First Love had sent food, clothing, water, and other supplies to Tacloban to meet the immediate needs.  Work teams...

Cynthia’s Story

    Cynthia was one of the first little girls that First Love brought into the original First Love Children’s Home.  Her parents died when she was very young and she moved to the Kibera slum to live with her Aunt and Uncle. Life was difficult as the family...

Jana’s Story

    J ana grew up in the Czech Republic as an atheist. Her loving family supported and encouraged her passion for the arts and music, but deep down she felt emptiness in her life. Jana poured her life into her education, art, and relationships hoping to fill...

Disaster Relief

    First Love brings much needed disaster relief. THAILAND An earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami that killed over 5,300 people in Thailand in 2004.  First Love identified a small village where every home had been destroyed.  Teams were sent...

Mary’s Story

Mary's father left 9 year old “Mary” to watch her little sister while he went to work to provide for the family.  Shortly after her father left home that morning, 3 men attacked “Mary.”  She was dragged into a nearby field to be beaten and brutally raped.  Her father...

Marina’s Story

y name is Marina, and I came to live with Anya and Bogdon in Safe Haven a year ago. My family is … well, broken.  My parents divorced when I was little.  I barely know my dad, because he is pretty much not interested in me.  He did come to see us a...

Biggest Current Needs

First Love Kenya currently operates several ministries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living in desperate poverty in slums in the Nairobi area of Kenya.  We would love to partner with your church or organization to bring food to the hungry through one of our programs, or perhaps you are interested in joining our team in Kenya.  If you feel called to serve the people of Kenya, we want you on our team.

The People

  • Christian 83% 83%
  • Muslim 11.2% 11.2%
  • Traditionalist 1.7% 1.7%
  • Other or Unspecified 1.8% 1.8%
  • None 2.4% 2.4%

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