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First Love International in India

First Love operates a children’s home in the Siliguri area of India.  Our wonderful staff provides a loving Christian environment for over 50 boys and girls who would otherwise be living in hopeless situations.  First Love provides for all of the children’s needs, just as you would as a parent – food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and educational expenses including school fees and uniforms.

One special thing about this home is that several of the children were formerly living in various brothels in India.  Some of their mothers are still prostitutes.  We have also taken in several widows with young children who are especially vulnerable to abuse or targets of human trafficking

Besides the children’s home, First Love also runs a hostel for older children. The laws in India prohibit children over 17 years old from staying in a children’s home. The hostel allows us to see the children through high school and college or career training to prepare them to live on their own as adults.

In addition to these homes, First Love is also involved in outreach programs to impoverished villages in the area.  We assist with food, medical care, and school fees for those who cannot provide for themselves.  We also host regular kids’ clubs and provide tutoring services in two slums.

Our Stories


Rusya’s Story

    Rusya was found sifting through a garbage dump looking for potato peels to cook when she was five years old, and was taken to a local rescue shelter for orphans.  While staying in the government run center Rusya started coming to a weekly Bible club at...

Lena’s Story

    I was taken from my home when I was four. A neighbor had called social services because they heard my brother and me crying and hitting the front door.  Our parents had locked us in the house and left us for three days; we were scared and hungry. First I...

Jerry’s Story

    J erry described his life as dark and empty, and that was before Typhoon Haiyan slammed into Tacloban washing away everything he owned.  First Love had sent food, clothing, water, and other supplies to Tacloban to meet the immediate needs.  Work teams...

Jana’s Story

    J ana grew up in the Czech Republic as an atheist. Her loving family supported and encouraged her passion for the arts and music, but deep down she felt emptiness in her life. Jana poured her life into her education, art, and relationships hoping to fill...

Disaster Relief

    First Love brings much needed disaster relief. THAILAND An earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami that killed over 5,300 people in Thailand in 2004.  First Love identified a small village where every home had been destroyed.  Teams were sent...

Mary’s Story

Mary's father left 9 year old “Mary” to watch her little sister while he went to work to provide for the family.  Shortly after her father left home that morning, 3 men attacked “Mary.”  She was dragged into a nearby field to be beaten and brutally raped.  Her father...

Marina’s Story

y name is Marina, and I came to live with Anya and Bogdon in Safe Haven a year ago. My family is … well, broken.  My parents divorced when I was little.  I barely know my dad, because he is pretty much not interested in me.  He did come to see us a...

Biggest Current Needs


First Love India is in need on passionate individuals who have a heart for the people of India, and care about introducing them to God through practical acts of love and support.  Areas of expertise include: Development and oversight of livelihood projects in rural areas, children’s home supervisors, ministry to senior citizens & widows, and the training of national pastors and workers.

Additionaly we depend upon donations from brothers and sisters in the USA, in particular for the support of the children in the children’s homes.   The sponsorship amount per child is $80 per month. 

The People

  • Hindu 79.8% 79.8%
  • Muslim 14.2% 14.2%
  • Christian 2.3% 2.3%
  • Sikh 1.7% 1.7%
  • All Others 2% 2%

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First Love International

We are a non-denominational mission agency founded for the purpose of bringing love and hope to un-reached people residing in impoverished regions of the world.


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