Jerry’s Story

J erry described his life as dark and empty, and that was before Typhoon Haiyan slammed into Tacloban washing away everything he owned.  First Love had sent food, clothing, water, and other supplies to Tacloban to meet the immediate needs.  Work teams came from around the world to help rebuild homes devastated by the storm.  One day a man on the work team asked Jerry if he would like to help them.  Jerry told them he did not have any skills – much less the skills needed to build homes.  The man told Jerry he could help them by carrying wood and other supplies.

The team built homes and the First Love Ministry Center.  Working side by side with the men Jerry began to realize that these men were different from the men he knew.  They really cared about helping those who had suffered such great loss, and enjoyed the work they were doing.  He asked them why they were doing this, and they told him they were Christians and wanted to share God’s love with those who were in need.  As they worked he learned the skills needed to build homes, and continued to ask questions.

Jerry began to realize that he wanted his life to be like these men, and gave his life to Jesus.  He began to feel he was being called to use his life in service to God.  After the construction of the homes was completed, Jerry went to Bible school to become a Pastor.  Jerry and his brother also used the construction skills they learned to build a new home for their mother.  Today Jerry preaches at 3 area churches every weekend including the First Love Tacloban Church that meets in the First Love Ministry Center.

First Love International

We are a non-denominational mission agency founded for the purpose of bringing love and hope to un-reached people residing in impoverished regions of the world.



At First Love we seek to “flesh out” the passion of Christ before a lost and dying world. In our ministries we have deliberately chosen to major on those whom the world might consider to be the minors.  And in that regard... our priority is to invest our greatest resources and energies on the least, because we recognize that whenever we reach out to the least of these, we do it for Jesus.


I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did for me...Jesus.

Matthew 25:40

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