Jana’s Story

J ana grew up in the Czech Republic as an atheist. Her loving family supported and encouraged her passion for the arts and music, but deep down she felt emptiness in her life. Jana poured her life into her education, art, and relationships hoping to fill the void, but nothing satisfied her longing.

First Love missionary Dan Lupton was teaching English in the Jana’s school, and began offering English Camps for those seeking to a fun way to learn the English language. Dan designed the camps to be evangelistic outreaches using scripture and Bible stories in the lessons. It was at one of the camps where Jana was first exposed to the idea that God loved her.

Jana struggled with the idea that God could exist, much less love her enough to die for her sins, and often brought her questions to Dan. It was as if a wall of questions had to be taken down one brick at a time. Dan and Jana developed a close friendship as they worked through her objections to the gospel. Realizing that God truly did exist and loved her unconditionally, she gave her life to Christ.

Jana was the very first convert of the ministry in the Czech Republic, but it did not end there. Seeing the change in her life, and hearing Jana explain how she had come to believe in God, Jana was able to lead her entire family to saving faith in Jesus.

Jana felt God was calling her to use her talents to serve Him in a new way. She discussed this with Dan and mentioned that for some reason she kept thinking of Africa. Dan told Jana about the First Love Children’s Home in Kenya, and asked her to pray about serving there. In 2013 Jana traveled to First Love Kenya and spent a year living with the children. Each night she used her musical talents to lead the children in worship. During the day Jana taught English and Art at the children’s elementary school. Her “free time” was spent playing with the children at the home, helping with homework, teaching them art and crafts, and giving guitar lessons. She also found time to paint beautiful works of art on the walls of the school classrooms and the children’s home.

Jana returned to the Czech Republic in 2014 to complete her Masters Degree at the university. Dan and Jana co-wrote a book about their experiences called “Meant to Be” which is now available on Amazon. The publisher took a large supply to United, the Czech Republic’s largest Christian Music Festival in 2017. The books completely sold out. An agreement has been reached with Trans World Radio to serialize and dramatize “Meant to Be” for broadcast into the Czech Republic.

Today Jana volunteers at the English Camps where she helps lead worship, teaches English classes, builds lasting friendships, and leads other students to Christ.

First Love International

We are a non-denominational mission agency founded for the purpose of bringing love and hope to un-reached people residing in impoverished regions of the world.


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